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Hike and become acquainted with
the unique Salpa-line -fortification

The Salpa-line, a massive defence fortification, was built in 1940-41 and -44 to secure the eastern frontier of Finland. It has been kept secret nearly up to these days. The fortification is worth seeing and experiencing. The dimensions of the massive bunkers and the rows of stone antitank obstacles opens out only after you have walked at least a few kilometres along the line.

Collect a group, come to Miehikkälä and be surprised!

The hikes start and end at the Salpa-line museum of Miehikkälä.

The hikes an guided tours to Salpa-line offer:

  • information and history of the fortification and show it in its present state.
  • fresh air, physical exercise and silence of the woods.
  • an unique opportunity to spend a night inside a massive concrete bunker or in a military tent.
  • a chance to take a sauna in the wilderness and cool yourself in a small river, spend a evening beside the campfire and get a taste of the military life.
  • a possibility to get to know new people in a strange enviroment and perhaps find some new characteristics in your friend and maybe in yourself.

  • the length of the hikes vary from a few hours to a few days.
  • the suitable group size is 6-20 persons, although other sizes and length times are possible.

    The main trips, during May-November:

    • two days hike (7-15 km)
    • half a day hike (3 km)

    Other services available:
    • bus tours to Salpa-line
    • Salpa-line presentations at museum area in Miehikkälä